This could be a tough fight…

The warrior stood there anxiously. Only one boss remained. It stood to be his greatest challenge on his voyage to reach the level cap of 85.

With his two handed axe in one hand, the mace in the other he stared down the boss with an icy glare. It simply stood there, immovable, unrelenting. The realization of what it was sent a shiver up the warrior’s spine. He would need to face and defeat this boss or face the reckoning. If he wanted to complete his journey he would first have to defeat the greatest of all the seasonal bosses….

The boss simply known as “Christmas Shopping”. Then, he’d be able to get back to leveling.

Stay tuned….


One day in, first impressions…

Howdy all,


Got to play a little bit last night – here’s what hit me…

  1. The gear reset. I knew it would be big, but some of the random green drops for pre-80 characters… WOW. As my warrior is getting back into the swing of leveling as prot,  I’ve swapped out 2 tanking pieces for some early quest rewards. Better for doing damage/killing stuff.
  2. I went to the underwater zone. It’s been fun, albeit a bit crowded. I managed to mine the only node of the new ore that I ran across though.
  3. I thought I had some of my alts closer to the profession cap in wrath than I actually did. Oh well.
  4. I thought the quests would reward more gold than they are. Oh well, no biggie. The XP is decent (and after last night I’ll have some rested XP again). If I really wanted to push it, I could probably hit 85 by the weekend. I’m not in a huge rush though.
  5. Flying in Stormwind is going to take some getting used to.
  6. I still have no idea how Archeology works, but I’m now trained for it.
  7. With my old world flying license now… I have to fight the urge to simply fly around exploring and actually make myself quest.

That’s about it for now off of the top of my head. Overall, I like it. I like that when i logged in, I had a quest given to me automatically. I like the Hero’s call boards that steer players to the zone of the appropriate level. I’m looking forward to the march to 85 and seeing what the new stuff looks like.

I didn’t like the 30 minute queue to get logged in though.

Later folks!


It’s finally here…

Happy Cataclysm to all.

So, where was I when they flipped the switch and activated the expansion pack? Home. In bed. Sleeping. I’d have loved to have been one of the people who was able to take the day off and jump right in. Except I was already off of work the preceding Friday and Monday for a trip, so another day off wasn’t happening. So I’m here at the office, and will pick up a copy of the expansion when I get out of work, get it installed and go from there.

I expect my warrior will probably be the first to get leveled. More utility and all, plus tanks are always in demand.

In the meantime, I manged to get a few more entries into the “Dude, you need help” department. You see, Cataclysm brings with it new dailies in Stormwind (And Orgrimmar), and achievements for doing them all. (Actually, they dailies and achievements went live in the last patch). And now my mage has them. Both. Before Cataclysm even launched. And even with taking off on a vacation between the patch and today. What can I say… I like fishing dailies.

See you all in game later today!

Has anybody seen a dwarf??

Specifically a dwarf huntard?

I have, I keep seeing him on the login screen. I just haven’t been seeing him in-game much. What’s happened to cause this? I think I know…

  1. I had a mage I wanted to get to 80 before Cataclysm. And I now have.
  2. I wanted to finally get a nether drake on my warrior. Managed to finally get that done.
  3. I wanted to gt the mage *some* decent gear. That’s done too. Mostly through farming the auction house though. That mage still hasn’t seen the inside of a heroic though. I’m sure he’d hold up just fine, but I really just can’t seem to bring myself to do it. I mean.. that gear will all be gone in 3 weeks or so anyways.
  4. Which brings me to this one…. Once I got that nether drake on my warrior, I seem to have settled into a massive case of pre-expansion boredom. I just really can’t seem to be bothered doing much of anything. I just don’t see the point at the moment.

I know it’ll get better when the expansion gets here (Yes, I am aware that the shattering has dropped and changed old Azeroth already but it just isn’t the same). In the meantime… I wonder if I can get my mage to grand master fishing by the 7th? That would be the 5th toon I have it on.

Yes. I need help. I’m aware of that.

Take care!

See that guy there in the picture?

Yeah, the one sitting on the shadowformed version of The Horseman’s Reigns?

That’s my priest alt. If I could, this here hunter would lay a big old Misdirect on that there dwarf.

Yeah, he got the mount. And he didn’t even cast a single spell in the fight to do it! He got hit with the lock up bug right at the start, and got back in just in time to get loot. In the pumpkin? The mount. Didn’t have the heart to loot and “learn” it in front of the people who had done the fighting so I hearthed out and then did it.

As for dear old Ponykeg? I killed the horseman too. In my pumpkin? Nothing. Just Justice Points.

I hate that priest right now.


At least I got all my pets back.

Conversations with a former guild master…

Heard over Vent during a horseman run tonight….

Guild leader: “Aww, I didn’t get a pumpkin, I think my bags were full”

Me: It’s ok, it should show up in your mail. Happened to me on the brewfest boss.

A few minutes later in guild chat….

Guild Leader: OMFG… I got the horseman’s mount!!!!

Entire guild: We’d be happy if we weren’t so ticked off right now.

Anyways… Grats Bre!!

(Even if I am still waiting on it on all of my toons!)

So it’s been about a week since the patch….

And I’m…. …. … … .

Yeah. That. Now that doesn’t mean I’m floored, jaw on the floor, at a lack for words because things are so great.

They aren’t.

I’m also not speechless because things are so horrible that I’m ready to leave the game. I’m not.

I’m just….. yeah.

I made it through without losing any enchants like I heard some people did. Apparently it was just a bug. I did still have a ton of ammo in the bank that I just up and vendored. Not a big deal. Most it it came from skilling up engineering on an alt with materials I had anyways. I know it’s a still technically a loss of gold, but nothing huge.

I set the first of my specs back up with a basic Beastmaster build. Nothing fancy but seemed to work well enough when I took it out for a spin to farm some chilled meat and leather. The DPS did seem a little low, but I had mostly run as survival before the patch so it’s not quite a fair comparison. In Beastmaster, obviously more DPS comes from the pet.

Speaking of pets….What I am missing in this patch, are my pets. And that bothers me. It says my first pet is a raptor (I don’t recall ever having a raptor). It says my second pet is my wolf, Frostymug (my active pet when the patch hit). The rest of my available slots are empty! Where may I ask, might Pintglass, Sixpack, and Taphandle get off too Blizzard? I mean, it isn’t exactly easy to hide a giant white Devilsaur for crying out loud! I’ve been told it’s a bug, so I’ve taken the path of being patient for now, but I *really* don’t want to have to go tame that sucker again.

Especially with Hallows End starting. I guess I’ll see how survival specs out for that if the pets don’t come back.

In the meantime, I’ve been leveling a mage alt. Immediately after the patch, it was glorious. Even specced frost for survivability I was often killing things before my water elemental got off a shot. Even after getting hit with the nerf bat, he’s cruising right along. Of course, I did make sure he’d have heirlooms and good gear so that helps. He should be 80 by cataclysm easily. Now if I can just do something about that awful hat he’s wearing.

Later folks!